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Learn the simple steps you can take to make better financial decisions, guaranteed.

You've spent 10,000+ hours in school.

How many have you spent learning about money? 

Strong financial choices are the foundation for a better future while poor choices can set you back years. But how are you supposed to make smart choices if you've never received a financial education?

You will work nearly 100,000 hours in your life.

Each hour learning about money can save 100 hours working for it.

Introducing Financial Fundamentals

The Core Money Lessons Everyone Needs to Know

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What You'll Get from the Course

Build a financial plan

You'll create a clear financial vision with specific, realistic steps to make your vision a reality.

Like climbing a mountain, this is not complex, but it will require focus, forethought and commitment.

Reduce Your Cost of Living

You'll learn easy to implement steps to reduce your most wasteful expenses short term so you'll have more to grow long-term.

Will you have to make compromises? Of course, but you'll learn to make them smart, to maintain a high quality of life even while bringing your cost of living way down.

Grow Your Investments

Put your money to work for you. 

This is not about picking the next Apple or Amazon. You'll learn low-risk, low-effort way to get consistent, high-yield return on your money.

When was the last time you took a course that 


returns at least 10 times the tuition?

What You'll Learn

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Module 1: Know Your Financial Goals

Having a clear goal is the first step to building your financial plan.


Module 2: By the Numbers

The math behind money management is surprisingly easy, but if you don't know your numbers, you'll far behind. In this module, we'll break down the crucial numbers in a way anyone can understand.


Module 3: Money, Where Does It All Go?

This is the single biggest module in the course. In it, we will look at strategies for reducing costs surrounding all of the biggest household expenses, including housing, transportation, food, and entertainment.


Module 4: Plant Your Seeds and Watch Them Grow

Now that you've got money, what do you do with it? In this module, we'll walk you through powerful strategies to invest and grow your money. 

How much Money do you need to Retire? 

80% don't know the answer.

75% don't have enough.

Be the exception.


Take Money to the Next Level with these Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Money Mindset Tools

If someone believes that "Money is the root of all evil" or that they are "Unworthy of being wealthy" how successful do you think they'll be in building wealth?

Most often, what you do is an outgrowth of what you believe. In this bonus, you'll confront your own disempowering money beliefs, so that you can stop getting in your own way and start building a solid financial foundation.

Bonus 2
For Love & Money

Money is not only a top causes of divorce, it's one of the biggest causes of tension even in successful relationships.

Many believe this tension comes from lack of money, but more often, there's an even bigger factor present.

In this bonus, Dave and Chana Mason will teach the single biggest factor that makes money a cause of tension and help you greatly reduce the financial tension in your own relationships.

Bonus 3
Tax Tactics

Reducing taxes is a powerful way to advance your financial position without cutting your lifestyle.

Many tax techniques involve complexity well beyond the scope of a fundamentals class.

In this bonus, Dave Mason teaches a few of the most fundamental lessons from the advanced tax training he's in the process of creating.

About The Instructor,
Dave Mason

Dave Mason is the co-author of The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence, which teaches hundreds of financial lessons, all taught through a page-turning novel. 

Through his books and classes, Dave has taught thousands of people around the world the strategies and tactics to improve their financial position, achieve their goals, and live healthier, happier lives.

What people are saying about Dave Mason

Jacob H.

Radical yet Simple

Dave Mason has built a "who would have thought it'd be so simple" system that delivers radical results.

Penny T.

Life Changing

I only needed to meet with Dave for one session, but that one session was life-changing.

Beth S.

Lives the Material

Dave isn't just teaching content, he actually lives the material and is passing on tools that he really uses.

A single dollar well invested at age 20 can be worth $100 or more at age 70. 

Don't wait to Start.

The Sooner You Get a Financial Education, the Stronger Your Financial Outlook Will Become

The average person works nearly 100,000 hours in their lives. In most first-world countries, even fairly low-paid workers bring in over a million dollars in lifetime income.

The point of this course is to help you make smarter decisions with your money so it can work harder for you rather than you working harder for it. Whether your goal is to retire earlier, live with more abundance, or shift from working a job you don't love into an area of passion, having strong financial fundamentals can help you get there faster.

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Backed by a 10x Guarantee!

It is my goal that everyone who takes this course should receive at least ten times the value they paid for the course. I guarantee that the techniques and strategies you'll learn in this course will help you grow your money by more than ten times the tuition price.

If, after attending, you don't believe that the techniques you learned will result in you growing your wealth by at least ten times the purchase price, then let my team know and we will give you a full refund on your purchase price.

What do you hope to Afford in the Future?

Let's start Building that Future Today.

By the time you're done with this course, you will have the long-view about what your money can do for you, not just today, but for the rest of your life.

Make the risk-free choice to start now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm already deep in debt?

The course will help you understand how to handle your debt, including an exploration of which debts to pay off as fast as possible and which are less pressing.

I don't yet make any money. Is this still for me?

The ideal time to take this course is before you've earned any money or taken on any debt as it's a lot easier to avoid mistakes than it is to fix them once they've already been made. Nevertheless, even those already in debt and already in the workforce can use the information in the course to improve their situation.

Do I have to be strong at math for this course?

Strong math skills are not required. The few math concepts we'll cover are extremely important, but also easy to understand. Each concept will be illustrated with real world examples. 

I have fairly simple needs. Do I need a get rich class?

Learning core financial principles is arguably more important for those who don't want to make the pursuit of money a central part of their lives. The course will help you make smarter financial choices, stretching your resources longer, and hopefully allowing those who wish to the ability to retire earlier.

What if I'm already retired? 

If you're no longer making money, your financial decisions become even more important as you can no longer count on a salary to cover poor financial choices. Most of the lessons in the course will still apply to you.

Is this only for people in the US? 

Absolutely not. This course will mostly deal with fundamental financial concepts, not country specific regulations. In a few areas, such as retirement accounts, the course will look at US-specific policies. But most countries offer retirement provisions similar to those in the US, so the concepts covered will be universal even if the names and exact terms of the policies might differ.

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  • Unlimited Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • Money Mindset Bonus
  • For Love & Money Bonus
  • Tax Tactics Bonus
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  • Unlimited Access
  • Access to All Modules
  • Money Mindset Bonus
  • For Love & Money Bonus
  • Tax Tactics Bonus

To a Life of Vision...

It is my personal goal to help my students build a greater vision of what their lives can be and acquire the tools they need to achieve that vision.

Earlier in my life, I underestimated the role of money in achieving my own vision. While I do not believe money is the most important thing in life, I believe it's a core building block. Without sufficient financial means, it can be difficult to create healthy, happy, loving lives.

Just by implementing the steps in this course, I believe you can greatly reduce your financial stress and have the means to build a life of vision.

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